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  • Create a serene ambiance in your outdoor sanctuary with a mesmerizing Buddha Water Fall Setup Granite Stone Sculpture.
  • Enchance your outdoor space with a stunning Buddha Water Fall Setup Granite Stone Sculpture
  • Transform your surroundings with this exquisite piece of art.
  • Elevate your garden with a captivating Buddha Water Fall Setup Granite Stone Sculpture.



Before The creative journey of our Online statue store India begins with thorough research. Our skilled craftsmen deeply explore the subject, carefully turning their understanding into a detailed plan. This plan acts as a crucial roadmap, guiding the way to the desired outcome. Once the planning is complete, the transformation process kicks off. Our artisans use various specialized tools and techniques to bring the raw material to life, meticulously shaping it into the desired form. This intricate process requires sharp focus and practiced skill, as even the smallest mistake could put the entire creation at risk.



After a careful makeover, the creation gets a final touch to make it look perfect. Our talented artists focus on each and every little detail to ensure that the masterpiece is perfect and ready to be displayed. These works of art demonstrate the effort and passion that went into creating them. Each piece has its own story and adds something special to any collection.Basically, Our Granite Stone Sculpture Online collection is all about showcasing artistic expression. Crafted with dedication and precision, each piece follows a long tradition of sculpting. We’re confident that our collection will truly impress anyone who sees it.

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Lakshmipriya Prabakaran
Lakshmipriya Prabakaran
Great experience from Statuestreet Sculpture. Amazing selection and super easy ordering process. Currently looking trough their site for a second piece to go along with the Buddha fountain I purchased for my garden.
Civil Narayanan
Civil Narayanan
We have purchased about five sculptures from karthikeyan over the past few years. They have all exceeded our expectations, and all have arrived well packed and undamaged. Amazing work quality, Karthikeyan has wonderful sources for his goods.
gnana prakash
gnana prakash
Fantastic Product Quality. Super fast responses, resolutions on the queries/requests raised. Experienced true customer care, customer satisfaction and customer delight. Team Statuestreet, you are Awesome!! You are among those very few teams who knows true customer care/service. Looking forward to see lot of new, exciting products. Keep up doing great work. Thanks! 🙏
m.logesh Bobo
m.logesh Bobo
Purchased Statuestreet of Hanuman Idol. Realistic product with minuscule details to perfection. Keep up the good work & expecting more statues of different personalities❤️👌
Narenthiran Naren
Narenthiran Naren
I would like to share my happiness after I saw this beard man into my house. Love and craze towards Thiruvalluvar increases more. This is not just a statue for me. More than that. Should appreciate for the perfection. Infact, it's so real. I thank the team for this ultimate finish.
Through Statuestreet YouTube channel, I contacted Mr.Karthikeyan. He is very patient and makes sure we get the desired idol. No matter which state you belong to, idol will reach with great protection and wooden box packaging. We feel our 1 feet Shiva looks like Calm Shiva Idol and we are extremely happy.
Sid Selva
Sid Selva
Received 2 feet statue of Shiva and parvati absolutely amazed by the craftsmanship of the articles. The items are delivered in time and proper care.. ... ... will certainly love to receive their work in future. Dindukal❤️
Pavithra Pavithra
Pavithra Pavithra
I ordered a Murugan idol from the Statuestreet , their perfection n detailing wr awesome.liked very much . They also keep good in touch with the customers . Happy for the product n as well as response from the Statuestreet Thank you 😊
Narayanan Latha
Narayanan Latha
Got the Maari Amman sculpture. Good detailing and prompt delivery. Good job, Love from salem😍
Rajalakshmi Ramesh
Rajalakshmi Ramesh
Collections are terrific. Each sculpture work are too too good. And staffs are good responsive and friendly. Especially Karthik Bro. Thanks to statuestreet shop.

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Creating a granite stone sculpture to honor the memory of a loved one is a delicate process!

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The process begins with a thorough consultation during which we learn about the person you wish to memorialise. We invite you to share your short stories, experiences, and any unique attributes or characteristics that will help us create a memorable legacy.

Step 2: Review & Approval

We present the design to you and consider any input or adjustments you may have. Our goal is to ensure that the sculpture truly portrays the spirit of your loved one.

Step 3: Confirm the order (Pay on advance)

Pay 20% of the sculpture's cost for the value amount to process the order. Work will begin on the same day.

Step 4: Starting Design

Our talented artisans create a design that captures the soul of your loved one based on the information gathered during the first chat. This design approach entails a great deal of care and thought for the individual and their legacy.

Step 5: Sculpture Creation

The sculpting procedure begins after we obtain your approval. Our artists create the memorial sculpture with care, infusing it with love, honour, and remembrance in every detail.

Step 6: Quality Assurance & Detailed Finishing

The finished sculpture is subjected to a challenging quality control process to guarantee that it matches our exacting requirements.

Step 7: Installation & Care Guidance

In case expert installation services are required, we are available. We will also show you how to care for the sculpture so that it may continue to serve as a lasting legacy to your loved one.

Step 8: Door-to-door delivery

We carefully wrap the Granite sculpture and bring it to you door-to-door, assuring its arrival safely at your chosen location.

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